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We bring a unique warmth to your home.

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Warmth in all confidence.

Franco Belge has been a well-known name in the stove industry since 1926. We have succeeded in combining premium cast iron with sublime combustion technology. Our efficient production takes place within a brand-new European foundry and assembly unit. Read below what we stand for.

Extremely high quality cast iron.

Perfect finishing.

High efficiency.

Fits in every interior.

Worldwide dealer network.

Experienced installers.

Discover our products.

Over the years, Franco Belge has developed a beautiful and wide range of timeless stoves. From classic wood stoves to electric inserts, there are all kinds of models available for different fuels. So there is something for everyone. Since recently, we also offer pellet patio heaters. Discover all types of products below.

What our customers say.

" A real asset for our home..

The Essen-based company Kachelservice installed a GASCON stove from Franco Belge in our house last year. The traditional look, the elegant design and the perfect workmanship of this stove sold us immediately. We regard this stove not only as a heater but also as a piece of furniture... A real asset for our home!

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Discover what Franco Belge has to offer.