About Franco Belge.

Franco Belge - About Us - Fabric light (1)
Franco Belge - About Us - Fabric light

Franco Belge guarantees an extremely complete range of quality stoves. Also available in different fuels : wood, mazout, gas and coal. Franco Belge has succeeded in combining tradition with contemporary performance, and this at a very competitive price. We are present all over the world. More than half of our production is destined for export.

Our history.

Franco Belge is born.

Besides wood stoves, we also produce fuel stoves, gas stoves and coal stoves.

Expansion of the range.

The launch of the cooking pots department.

Creation firma Staub.

The Staub company is created and taken over by the Staub group.

Group Zwilling.

Staub group becomes part of the German group Zwilling.

Takeover by Franco Belge Europe NV.

Franco Belge Europe NV acquires Franco Belge from the Staub group. 

Expansion of the range.

The Franco Belge range is expanded to include contemporary premium wood stoves. 

Start-up of European foundry.

Start-up of our new European foundry and assembly unit.

Electric designer stoves.

From now on, electric designer fireplaces with LED technology will be sold. Unique on the market.

Expansion of the range of electric fireplaces.

The range of electric fireplaces will be expanded

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